Silicone Coated Paper

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Silicone Coated Paper

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High quality white silicone coated paper. Prevents excess adhesive from sticking to other surfaces and press platen, irons or hot tables. Especially useful in preparing single sided laminations.

Paper weight is 70gsm (60gsm paper, 10gsm silicone), 85 micron
Single sided silicone coating
Coating is 100% solvent free silicone
White in colour
Silicone release paper provides an effective barrier against water and most solvents, and good release from aggressive and aqueous adhesives.

6426-1310/01 Silicone Coated Paper - Single Sided 1060mm x 1m
6426-1310/1 00 Silicone Coated Paper - Single Sided 1060mm x 100m

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