Protective Garment Covers Tyvek

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Protective Garment Covers Tyvek

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Tyvek protective garment and clothing covers. Tyvek has proved to be a suitable conservation and archival material used in museums archives to protect a range of works of art. Tyvek fulfills the function of a permeable non-abrasive waterproof, dust proof barrier.

Fits Standard Rolling Rail
Made From Inert Tyvek Fabric
Useful to Store and Move Garments Daily
Non Linting
Fully Enclosed
Protects Against Pests, Dust and Light

A proven protective cover for textiles, Tyvek Garment Covers provide a barrier to dust and spores and prevent the growth of fungi or bacteria. Various sizes are available for jackets, coats and dresses.

Also available: The gusseted garment covers provide full protection for larger, bulkier garments and are ideal for military uniforms and heavy greatcoats. A special tubular closure at the top allows for a hanger and tight fastening to prevent dust penetration.

Also Available: We also offer a Tyvek clothes rail covers and Tyvek padded hanger

6212-7000 Waist Coat Cover 860mm x 630mm
6212-7001  Jacket Cover 980mm x 630mm
6212-7002 Coat Cover 1400mm x 630mm
6212-7003 Dress / Long Coat Cover 1820mm x 730mm

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