Micro-Mesh Abrasives

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Micro-Mesh Abrasives

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These uniquely cushioned abrasives are designed to provide almost endless use and high quality finishes to a wide variety of materials including ceramics, metal, wood and plastics. The special cloth backing is comprised of a resilient layer of latex onto which a layer of abrasive Crystals are specially bonded. Unlike conventional abrasives Micro-Mesh can be washed out in soap and water and re-used again and again. (N.B Acetone cannot be used for cleaning Micro-mesh, and certain other solvents can also cause serious damage to the product so test all solvents before use. In all cases, finish cleanup with soap and water to remove the solvent). The higher the number the finer the grade. Supplied as a 6 x 6" (150 x 150mm sheet). MM - (White in colour to avoid leaving a coloured residue behind after use).  The MM series is excellent for china restoration.

Grades: 1500,1800,2400,3200,3600,4000, 6000,8000 & 12000

MM1500    Micro-Mesh Abrasives 1500
MM1800    Micro-Mesh Abrasives 1800
MM2400    Micro-Mesh Abrasives 2400
MM3200    Micro-Mesh Abrasives 3200
MM3600    Micro-Mesh Abrasives 3600
MM4000    Micro-Mesh Abrasives 4000
MM6000    Micro-Mesh Abrasives 6000
MM8000    Micro-Mesh Abrasives 8000
MM12000    Micro-Mesh Abrasives 12000
MMSET9    Micro-Mesh Abrasives 1500 to 12000 grades Pkg/9

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