Disposable Face Masks

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Disposable Face Masks

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An economy range of moulded disposable face masks giving simple and comfortable protection, twin elasticated head straps and pliable nose strip to ensure face seal. The valved products increase user comfort by lowering CO2 and heat build up. Approved to BSEN149:2001. The dust masks are available in two traditional designs with and without valve.

Respiratory Protection:
FFP1 - Class 1 efficiency for low risk hazards - non toxic dusts, fumes, aqueous mists - APF:4 x workplace exposure limit -  Pre Moulded Style
FFP2 - Class 2 Medium efficiency - fine non toxic dusts, fibres, aqueous mists - APF:10 workplace exposure limit - Pre Moulded Style
FFP3 - Class 3 High efficiency - fine non-toxic dusts, fibres, aqueous mists and oil based mists - APF:20 x workplace exposure limit - Pre Moulded Style

6214-5211 Disposable Face Masks - No Valve FFP1 Pkg/20
6214-5221 Disposable Face Masks - Valved FFP2 Pkg/10
6214-5321 Disposable Face Masks - Valved FFP3 Pkg/5

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