Akapad (Wishab) Sponges

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Akapad (Wishab) Sponges

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Akapad Sponges (also referred to as Wishab) are used to carry out convenient and safe dry cleaning of dirty areas. Depending on the fragility of the treated area (walls, mural paintings, wallpaper, textiles etc.) depending on the application the user choose one of the four sponges. Hard, Extra-Hard, Soft and White (white is designed for paper). They are neutral pH sponges and contain no harming products. The blue body enables a constant visual control of the action of the yellow or white section when the operator rubs the treated surface.

  • White - is particularly suitable for the gentle cleaning of historical papers, plans, other documents and very sensitive surfaces.
  • Soft - is particularly suitable for sensitive and structured surfaces, e.g. pictures, frescos, mural paintings, wallpaper, textiles.
  • Hard - is used for all smooth surfaces, e.g. walls, ceilings, paintings, frescos.
  • Extra Hard - is chosen for non sensitive, rough surfaces, e.g. walls, paintings and masonry.

6782-4151 Akapad Wishab Sponge - White
6782-4101 Akapad Wishab Sponge - Soft
6782-4121 Akapad Wishab Sponge - Hard
6782-4141 Akapad Wishab Sponge - Extra-Hard

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